Traditional Western Herbal Medicine

Traditional Western Herbal Medicine is the practice of using medicinal plants, fungi, flowers, seeds, roots, berries and leaves to improve health. It also uses dietary and lifestyle changes to correct illness patterns. Based on centuries of traditional use, plus the latest scientific research, herbal medicine aims to correct the root cause of illness rather than just relieving symptoms. In this way, overall health, energy, sleep, digestion and so much more, are improved as true health is restored.

Medical herbalists use an individual approach to treatment, and take care to consider the whole story of how somebody became ill. Sometimes the roots of future illness begin in the childhood years. Traditional herbal medical practices have hundreds of years of experience, clearly demonstrating that treating the root cause, rather than just the symptoms of illness, is the best way to truly restore health. 

This individualistic approach means that no two people presenting with the same illness will have the same medicine. Every prescription is formulated with care, with the best ingredients, and fully addresses the individual's needs.

Humans have evolved alongside the herbs that surround us. Their complex chemistry is familiar to our bodies and the medicines they make are nourishing as well as healing, providing a complete treatment together with dietary and lifestyle adjustments.

Herbal medicines are also gentle to the planet, and do not cause pollution or contaminate soil or waterways. The herbs I use are sourced carefully, I either grow or wild-craft them, or purchase them from reputable suppliers who care about the environment. They are dispensed to you in recyclable packaging.

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